Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Designer Challenge

OK so let's get started on a simple challenge. Make a series of 4 ATCs and each ATC must use clear packing tape somehow in the process. (Picture of the ATC on the left does not have clear packing tape on it, but I thought we needed a picture here!) So put on your muse caps and get going. This challenge will end on the 15th of Jan. 2008 because it is a very busy time of year for everyone.

A series of ATCs are each numbered like this 1/1 (one of one), 2/1 (two of one), 3/1 (three of one) and 4/1 (four of one). This shows that the theme is consistent but each card is different. Example: the 4 seasons. Now let's not all do the 4 seasons ok..! Choose your own theme. These are not for sale, but if Clara and Cyndi want them we could submit them to the magazine. We could also exchange them amongst ourselves. So if there are 4 of us doing this challenge one person would eventually get the number one card from everyone and so on. Let's knock Cyndi and Clara's socks off and create some fun ATC sets. Keep your theme to problem if we get dupes...but no 4 seasons ! DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN THE CARDS ALONG WITH THE SERIES NUMBERING!


I JUST HAD TO CHANGE MY PHOTO, EEEK! This is the best one I have for now! Peter Cetera is my favorite singer and I had the chance to go back stage and meet him! Since I can't cut him out, I just left him in with me!

Welcome from Robin Knutson

OK! So this is a new venture for me! Never too old to learn a new skill! Blogging...Welcome to my little corner of Altered Arts. I have been honored with a new title "Creative Design Specialist" WOW... hope I can fill the shoes I have been given..

I have been working with Altered Arts magazine for 4 years and cannot express enough gratitude and thanks to Cyndi, Clara and all of the wonderful designers and staff that are part of this publication.

I am definitely a mixed media altered artist. I always want to try a new technique or "tweek" an old one. I have been finding my way into fabrics lately...trying to get lots of texture on my paper and paint. Many of my projects past, present, and future have lots of different textures and layers.

I hope that the designers will be participating in some collaborations and challenges that will spark your creative interest! A few of us have discussed this option and are very excited about it!

So I challenge you to keep checking our blogs and see the exciting projects we are doing here at Altered Arts!