Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Inspiration..finding It

Lately, I have been very elusive and working on my art from many different locations. I was having some problems with concentration and not using all of the creative avenues available. I seemed to be focused on just the everyday worrisome events. I finally realized the pressures and worries were actually providing me with the inspiration I needed, but did not recognize. Lesson learned, when you are down, look UP! or around you, and find the needed "ump" to get back to the art process. I found this picture below and decided that it was a perfect portrayal of me!

When I started working on some simple techniques to boost the muse, I began to really create again, and I think I have done some of my most satisfying creations. I joined some swaps and cranked them out in record time. I finished a deco book and began work on a new studio space. I also worked on future artwork for Altered Arts magazine, took care of my 2 perfect and adorable grandchildren, and got the wonderful news that my oldest daughter's health issues seemed to be subsiding. Now that I am home from my 3 week visit behind the Redwood Curtain, as I like to call Humboldt County, I hope to get even more inspiration from the sheer joy of being back among my favorite art supplies which offer me comfort and security.