Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Spring!

Can the weather in Southern California be any nicer? I feel so lucky to be able to work outdoors again! It definitely is making my muse happy and I find myself paralyzed with projects! I seem to be chasing myself into a small tight circle having 3 projects working at the same time! I am wishing all of you a warm and wonderful holiday weekend...Robin

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Research and Development

I have recently rejoined the ISABA, and I am doing a little research and development for a company who is asking questions regarding altered book artists. I was wondering if you could give me your general opinion on a couple of questions.

1. How many altered book artists do you think there are in the USA? Canada? Europe? Asia?

2. Do you think that, in general, altered artists have been neglected by the arts and crafts companies; specifically, is there a need for direct marketing with tools and such that are made with book artists and crafters in mind; items to ease the work of making your projects?

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Monday, March 3, 2008

Arts de Mer Cruise-Making Trades

Well, here they are ... our costumes, my trades, and my class sample for the cruise this weekend! Whew! I had to make 80 trades; that usually is enough to send me to the edge, however this year I was asked to be a headline teacher as well! I am so honored to be doing this and hope that I do not pale too terribly alongside the wonderful MaryJo McGraw, Tim Holtz, and Terry Tyson!

Every year we have a theme and in the past, we searched for artful treasures (pirates), The Queen of Arts, Mardi Gras; you get the idea. Well, a few years ago my friend and I decided to make a themed costume and BOY! did we start something! Now it is expected! SO the 4 of us in our little So Cal Group are going as bingo cards! (We lost our 5th player due to a new baby arriving in her family any day now.) We have one of those invisible dogs on a leash to be our little bingo dog! I will post pictures of that later!

My trades are altered Rummikub pieces and are pins! I had a lot of fun making them as I changed them up and did not get tired of making them!

So wish me luck and enjoy these pre-cruise pictures! Thanks to Cyndi Duncan for her donation of past issues of the Altered Arts magazine!

Bon Voyage! Robin Knutson