Monday, March 3, 2008

Arts de Mer Cruise-Making Trades

Well, here they are ... our costumes, my trades, and my class sample for the cruise this weekend! Whew! I had to make 80 trades; that usually is enough to send me to the edge, however this year I was asked to be a headline teacher as well! I am so honored to be doing this and hope that I do not pale too terribly alongside the wonderful MaryJo McGraw, Tim Holtz, and Terry Tyson!

Every year we have a theme and in the past, we searched for artful treasures (pirates), The Queen of Arts, Mardi Gras; you get the idea. Well, a few years ago my friend and I decided to make a themed costume and BOY! did we start something! Now it is expected! SO the 4 of us in our little So Cal Group are going as bingo cards! (We lost our 5th player due to a new baby arriving in her family any day now.) We have one of those invisible dogs on a leash to be our little bingo dog! I will post pictures of that later!

My trades are altered Rummikub pieces and are pins! I had a lot of fun making them as I changed them up and did not get tired of making them!

So wish me luck and enjoy these pre-cruise pictures! Thanks to Cyndi Duncan for her donation of past issues of the Altered Arts magazine!

Bon Voyage! Robin Knutson

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Linda Cain said...

I am sooooo jealous, I wish I was going on the cruise!!!!! Anyway, stop the wining..and tell you I LOVE your collage work and have followed you since seeing your name on my friend Lori Roberts blog. Great work, thanks for sharing.
Linda Cain